The Beginning of the Found


Last night at sunset was the beginning of my New Year’s Celebration. During this time people of many religions, both old and new, celebrate their ancestors; of those both recently past and of ones from forgotten memories. It is also a time to reflect on the past year, to harvest what we have nurtured and to let go of what will no longer serve us going forward into the New Year. I take these two days to reflect on my past year: on the months that have led me here, on the work I have done, and on the work I have yet to do.

For the past seven years I have been evolving as a photographer and artist. But for most of 2016-2017 I had been plagued with artistic blocks and uncertainty about how I wanted to bring my new visions to light. Unfortunately, my blocks kept growing each time I tried to focus on my creative endeavors. So I took a break to put my art aside and instead I used this time to focus on other aspects of myself.

My interests have always been involved in the meaning of life, of philosophy, spirituality, psychology and humanitarian ideas and this past year I dove into reading and educating myself, delving deeper into these subjects than ever before. Through this I discovered methods that allow a person to explore their individuality and what makes them who they are. I didn’t want people just to realize their potential; I strove to help them structure their purpose and dreams into a business or way of life by giving guidance and support. That way they can find an authentic voice, find their power and how they alone can help others by sharing their unique vision.

I’ve found these questions to be helpful:

Who are you?

What are your goals and dreams?

What do you want to experience? See? Learn?

Your WHY. Your purpose and gift to the world.


Without these steps, life has the potential to take you for a ride, pulling you out of your authentic self and down a path based on impulsive and scattered decisions. In my own life, before I realized the answers to the above questions, I had poor self-esteem, no confidence and mental health issues to boot. But once I knew the answers, I was aware of all my decisions and experiences and how to react. It gave me clarity on my path and gave my life meaning.

Many artists and creative people struggle with the skills to be better prepared for taking on the world and making a living from it. How to run a small business is rarely discussed in schools or anywhere easily accessible. Most know the term “starving artist” and deem it to be true; not just in the creative sphere anymore, but in self-employment and small business. Being an artist/small business owner now means that you also have to be your own graphic designer, social media marketer, website designer/developer, editor, customer service, operations, human resources… the list goes on and it makes starting a business seem daunting.


As the New Year begins, I would like to introduce to you:


It was born when I first observed a pattern in the creative world of artists, photographers, and even small businesses. I saw many of my peers stuck in jobs they hated or trapped in a cycle of self-sabotage with their own work. They had no idea on how to cope when life decided to pull the rug out from under them. If they lacked confidence in their direction, even a little, they would lose all enthusiasm. They would then start looking for the next exciting trend to instill a new sense of purpose. But when questioned, they were uncertain of why they chose those projects, jobs or schooling in the first place and once again, the cycle of self-sabotage restarted.

I want to help others find their own voice.

To find their own journey.

To find their own unique purpose.

To find the wisdom in the good and bad times.

To create a life where their dreams can come true.

Over this last year I have been working quietly with people who gave me their trust and used my methods for their businesses and life to see where it took them. Their trust allowed me to develop my current process and packages, ones that will always be developing as I gain more knowledge.

I am honoured by their belief in my process. I am honoured to have had the experiences in my life in order to help them with theirs. I am honoured they are all realizing their dreams and took the plunge so we could discover them together. Even I, during this time, have uncovered more about myself, my passions and my dreams. As this past year draws to a close, my creative energy is alive once again; I feel that old, familiar friend coming home. I am ready to start this new year with my art - overcoming my blocks - and with my new business, Circle of the Found.

Everyone deserves to feel purpose, to feel passion again in all aspects of their life. I want people who feel numb to feel life surge back into them and to find renewed joy in their dreams. I strive to help others, to guide them through the dark and know they are not alone on their heroic journey. We all have the potential to become our own heroes. We can make the decision to follow our hearts and become who we truly are. Our choices have the potential to make us or break us, and by choosing to follow our heart through the light or through the darkness, we can learn many things together that will strengthen ourselves and our dreams.

Thank you again to my clients, all of whom have given me the chance to start this new, exciting endeavor. I invite you to join me, if you need anything - a helping-hand, a guide or some simple encouragement - I, and Circle of the Found, will always be here for you.

To a new year & new beginnings.