Embrace your passion. Find your way.
The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
— Carl Gustav Jung

About the Founder


Sam Kaczur - Founder / Coach

Sam Kaczur is a fine artist and photographer currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. From the beginning she was an avid observer, always seeking the reasons behind things, solving the puzzles of life and exploration of the mind. This led her on a life of creative pursuits, from drawing, painting and now as a professional artist, photographer and why-seeker.

My purpose is to help others find the light in the darkness but also to show them that their darkest moments have not only value but help shape who they are. I aim to assist others in finding out who they are, their why, their purpose, their reason for living. To guide people who are unsure of who they are, what they have to give and to help them blossom into the unique being that they are. I believe we are all given the lives we have for a reason. And we hold the reins. Sometimes life takes us for a ride but we can always regain control and aim for our dreams. I invite you to join me.

Life is just one choice away.



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